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Hello! I'm Jasnah


I'm a game developer and programmer with specific interests in games, AI, and education. I have worked with both Microsoft and Amazon Game Studios.

Digital art exhibit

Jasnah Wall

Game Developer / Programmer




· Worked remotely with narrative/quest team to build and deliver tool to ease dialogue creation


· Investigated, root-caused, and fixed bugs in gameplay to prepare for launch

· Documented under-served areas of the codebase to make live service maintenance easier

· Shared knowledge with new team based on lessons learned from Crucible’s development


Game Developer

TekSystems/Amazon Game Studios

New World


Game Developer

TekSystems/Amazon Game Studios


· Worked with designers/VFX artists to support functionality they needed to develop the game


· Optimized performance of the game to maintain a high framerate for all target machines


· Solved networking challenges in server-auth architecture for correctness/responsiveness


· Self-directed on which tasks to handle based on Jira status and overall needs of project


· Took on ownership of various systems to match project needs


· Integrated and maintained code from outside teams (graphics/VFX libraries)


· Playtested game regularly with whole team and provided/took feedback to improve all of game

· Worked on implementation for the Windows 10 Search Box


· Developed/exposed APIs to allow the Bing Server to talk to the Windows Operating System


· Allowed power users to run programs as administrator directly from Search Box


Software Developer



Curriculum Assistant

Compilers and Interpreters

· Worked with the current professor of the class to develop and improve assignments, notes, and drivers to help students learn how to write their own compiler

· Worked in Unreal Engine 4, both blueprints and C++ to implement gameplay features


· Developed an Unreal plugin to gather playtest data based on approximated user attention


· Performed offline analysis of this data to generate user-readable analytics



Vàra – Student Game


DigiPen Institute of Technology

· Worked on various projects from memory managers to math libraries to full game projects.


· Graduated Cum Laude


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

C/C++ - Experienced

Unreal Engine - Experienced

Java/R/JavaScript/Python - Familiar

Visual Studio/Jira - Experienced


· Experience building custom engines or using prebuilt engines to match project needs

· Experience with Linux and other Unix-based development environments

· Adept at working with interdisciplinary teams

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